Hobart’s leader for ‘prettiest eclair’


The stakes have certainly been lifted in Hobart for the ‘prettiest’ éclair. Today’s contender is by far the leader in this category, although still behind Jean Pascal Patisserie in the taste category (but not by much). Found early in the day by my not-so-reliable éclair spotter, my sister, she excitedly sent me a message letting me know she had found an éclair and she promised this time it was not a hoax. With the threat of her on washing duty for the next two weeks if this was another wild goose chase, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and investigate. Actually, Samantha went to investigate since she was going to be out of the office before me and the thought of missing out was too horrible to bear. Sam to the rescue again!

One of the additional hazards of éclair hunting in Hobart, especially in winter, is that the weather can be difficult, making going outside and struggling with a brown paper bag of delicate goodness that much tricker. Today was windy. Very windy. Samantha, it turns out, does not like the wind. Upon arriving back at my desk, I had this message on my email:

‘Éclair is in the fridge deardry – apart from just checked and one of the balls has fallen off (!) sorry I did try to take care holding it but the wind was flying around grrrrr… hopefully it’s not too damaged’

I went to check out the damage and work out this ball business (after some appropriately inappropriate and juvenile ribbing of Sam about her ball comment!). I found Sam and the éclair and reattached the stray ‘ball’. After some fawning over the beauty of this éclair and reassembly the orange chocolate shards, we cut it in half. Lots of crème patissiere! A very good start and it tasted good. Orange and refreshing and the sticky, sugar glazed choux gave it a burst of sweetness. Actually, it is the first time I have seen an éclair with sugar glazing. Bit sticky on the fingers but good. The three ‘balls’, which were actually profiteroles, were filled with the same crème patissiere and a lovely modern take on the classic éclair.

Will definitely visit Daci & Daci again…on a less windy day!

Daci & Daci Bakers
11 Murray Street, Hobart

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