A friend indeed…

Yesterday was Friday and I am sure I am not the only one who looks forward to this day. It signals the end of the working week, but makes me groan with exhaustion at the thought of one more early morning wake up. The past week has been particularly tiring with a number of things on the go at once, so hitting Friday was a relief. 

As I was sitting at my desk, preparing for the day ahead, my dear friend Samantha bursts through the door (well, it was Friday so maybe it was more of a shove and sigh!), and made my day. At 8.55am. All of a sudden it felt like Saturday and I was excited about the day ahead. Samantha, looking pleased and anxious at the same time (the same look I must give her in my French lessons), placed a brown paper bag on my desk. She had been to Hill Street Grocer on her way to work and bought me an éclair! She had been assured by the staff at Hill Street that it did not contain whipped cream, and that the  éclairs were great. She told them that she had a friend who was an expert so I could decide if they were any good! No pressure on me or Hill Street…

10.30am ticked around and I cut the éclair.  It looked promising.  The filling had been piped from underneath the éclair so I thought maybe Jean Pascal Patisserie had competition. Once cut, the filling looked suspiciously like…ahem…whipped cream. It was supposed to be “custard filling”. To give some credit to this statement,  it had the slightest taste of custard powder…but it was still flippin’ whipped cream! Sam was mortified. I was embarrassed to be Australian (which is becoming a very familiar feeling).  

However, dud éclair aside,  am truly grateful to have a friend like Sam. She brightened my Friday, gave me hope of a better day and laughed with me when things did not quite turn out.  I will greatly miss you, mon ami, in our search for éclairs in impossible circumstances!  Poor Sam – forced to leave Australia because of our complete lack of  pastry skills…c’mon Australia – pull your finger out!


One comment on “A friend indeed…

  1. Sammy says:

    Haha awesome I like the dedication! Maybe next time I can actually offer a presentable eclair 😦 better luck next time!!!


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