Oh what it must be like to have a nice sister…I wouldn’t know

Today my éclair search led me up the garden path. I was set up. It is a horrible person that raves up an éclair and then watches you and a friend head out in the hope of nabbing a good éclair in Hobart (which is completely unheard of). But what is even worse is when this person is your sister. Yes, you read correctly, my dear, sweet (read nasty, horrid) sister set me up. It went something like this:

She Devil (my sister): “Oh, I found some éclairs at the Salamanca bakery. I hadn’t noticed them there before”.

Me: “Really? (not being able to believe my current éclair windfall was continuing) Did they look OK?”

She Devil: “Yeah. You should check them out”.

Me: (now very excited) “I will see if Sam wants to come with me tomorrow and we will go for morning tea”.

End of conversation.

Very well played by my sister just nonchalantly dropping this little bomb without going overboard. How she managed to keep a straight face in the car on the way to work as I boasted about my morning tea plans I will never know. Or how she managed to not burst out laughing when I offered to drop one into her office if they were any good (yes, I was prepared to cross the road on my way back to work to deliver her one. What a sister!).

As soon as Sam and I innocently walked into the store and spotted the éclairs, I suspected foul play. I even mentioned to Sam (who was looking equally as confused as me by this point), that I wondered if this was a sick joke. We knew the éclair would be bad (it was bursting with…oh god, don’t make me say it…whipped cream!), but we were starving so we ordered one to share. And a pane au chocolate as well. Just to be safe.

It was only when I reported back to my sister (who I hope has a rotten afternoon and perhaps nearly chokes on her lunch –which will be chips and gravy since she is soooo classy!), that it was confirmed that I had been had. Her reply was (and this is copy and pasted):

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! It was set up and you didn’t realise!!!

I planned this yesterday after seeing their creamy éclairs!! MUHAHA!

Imagine those unnecessary calories you two just gained!!! Oh, I think it is hilarious!

She was even kind enough to attach a picture. This is the sort of person l live with. Pray for me.


Salamanca Bakehouse on Urbanspoon


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