French pride on the line after éclairs unearthed at Salamanca Market

The éclair hunting team are in action!  Today’s blog has been written by National Éclair Day’s Tasmanian hunter – Samantha.  Having French heritage, she should know a thing or two about éclairs…here is her contribution (merci, Sam!). 
eclair 1 sam


After having hunted high and low for ‘the one’ (éclairs we are talking here people) – my search led me to a hidden Hobart gem called Little Missy Patisserie – at le marché no less.

Not being the biggest fan or expert on the subject matter of éclairs (that being entirely Hayley’s forte) I was a little apprehensive that my tasting and critiquing skills would live up to the expectations of National Éclair Day!

Too good and there’d be a dilemma of admitting a non-French Patisserie could rival the experts in the art of fine food (yes I am slightly biased) – but not good enough and it would prove to be an entire let down (after having psyched myself for a very cheeky post gym snack!)

However, there had been no need to fret – with a variety of scrumptious looking patisseries to choose from at the little market stall I was almost tempted to ditch the éclair hunt and try the whole lot!

However I managed to focus on the mission at hand and came away with the subject matter éclair.

Having taken the éclair home for dissecting, I decided to cut it in half (clearly an amateur) and was disappointed to find the filling was stodgy and the pastry did not ‘bounce back’ into position as one would expect. One bite confirmed it was not as good as it looked. Sickly custard and eggy choux pastry… the up side however is the chocolate was as chocolatey as expected. I could also be biased after having tasted a local French delight but the final verdict for this éclair is… disappointing.

eclair 2 sam
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5 comments on “French pride on the line after éclairs unearthed at Salamanca Market

  1. Enny says:

    Paha hahahaha. This is what I call hmmm how should I put it nicely. Stuck up??? I’m not keen with eclairs so far cos the ones I’ve tasted taste ‘fake’. I can’t wait when remy comes back with the original French ones! :P. I wonder if it’s as bad as store own brand eclairs! Maybe we should travel around to check out the best one when you’re back 🙂 xxx


  2. lisa says:

    Where is the bakery at the market? Up the hill or down the other end? What a shame about the eclaire! It looks Si good. Was there any thing else there worth tasting?


    • hayleyboyd says:

      I have not visited. This was submitted by a friend. It is at the Battery Point end near the lawns. They also have a shop front in Argyle St. Not sure what else they sell. The éclairs looked beautiful. Just the whipped cream that ruined it (I did try one)


  3. Oonagh Murphy says:

    Thank you all for the constructive criticism. My eclairs are filled with Madagascan Vanilla Crème Patisserie not whipped cream. Alas, I’ll endeavour to lighten texture using the Chiboust Crème method. The superior way to try my eclairs is’ straight off the board” at our shop which heralds fresh produce daily, I bake as we trade, from the oven to your plate; including the choux pastry. Given the nature of the markets, I bake and finish produce the evening before; this has inspired me to teach my husband (whom man’s the stalls at Salamanca & Melville St Farmgate Markets) to fill & garnish choux pastry on site to avoid the pastry taking on the spongy texture. Abientot!!!


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