No, no, no. These are not éclairs…


I thought as we approach National Éclair Day, that I would point out what is and is not an éclair.  It may seem pretty straightforward but there seems to be some confusion.  Of course, this is all my opinion so feel free to disagree (I just won’t approve those comments!).

Firstly, this week there has been an alarming number of Facebook post about an ‘éclair cake’ (pictured above). This is also known as an ‘éclair pie’ and ‘éclair casserole’ (no, I did not make that up!!).  This culinary delight is not an éclair, and to be honest, it makes no sense to me at all.  My apologies to anyone who plans to make this.  Maybe just call it something else…

Secondly, a traditional French éclair (and the French should know how to make an éclair), does not, I repeat does not, contain whipped cream (the nastiness pictured below). Never, ever, no. Whipped cream seems to be an Australian addition, and it is absolutely beyond me why we thought this would make something that is already perfect better.  The ‘cream’ should be crème pâtissière, which is like a silky, yummy custard.  You will know the difference when you taste them. Trust me.

Now that my myth buster session is complete, you will all have a much better idea of what a ‘real’ éclair is in the lead up to National Éclair Day 🙂 Happy hunting.



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