National Éclair Day: an event for all ages!


The idea of National Éclair Day has certainly taken off!  It seems others agree that regardless of whether this is recognised in Australia or not, it should be celebrated.  As a result, a nationwide search for éclairs started this week!  I have been lucky enough to have people volunteering their time to search their locals area for éclairs (they did not seem to put out!). To date there are committed ‘hunters’ (we need a better name – suggestions welcome!) in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania (other than me!) and Western Australia.  Once I have replies from the Northern Territory, South Australia and the ACT there will be national coverage!! Woo hoo!  National Éclair Day 2014 Australian Edition here we come. Patisseries, brace yourselves.

There seems to be general agreement by the national éclair team, that judgments cannot be made my sampling just one éclair.  I tend to agree.  So they are mustering their strength to try as many éclairs as possible to provide a thorough assessment.  Of course they could always do with extra support, so if you are interested in getting involved please let me know in the comments box below.

To kick off the national search, junior éclair guru, Isobel, made an early start by familiarising herself with a chocolate éclair.  Judging by her grin this will be the first of many éclairs for her 🙂

Go team!



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