Mark it in your diary: National Éclair Day (now in Australia!)

ImageToday I visited a good friend.  A wise and all knowing friend and one I visit often.  I was supposed to be studying, but procrastination took hold, so I thought I would check in and see what was new.  This friend is called Google and my visits can sometimes be quite lengthy and always interesting.  Today I wanted to find out a bit of history about éclairs (which really had nothing to do with management communications which should have been my focus). It’s funny how one Google search leads to another.  Anyway, this turned out to be one of the better ideas I had all day.  Google advised me that there is a National Éclair Day (not sure which country this is celebrated in – France most likely – but I am not about to let geography stop me).  An actual day to celebrate éclairs.  Genius.  And it it is coming up – very soon.  June 22 is National Éclair Day and I plan to make this the day I have my first solo attempt at making éclairs. 

Aside from finding out about the most important date on the calendar after Christmas and my birthday, I also found out a bit of éclair history.  The word ‘éclair’ means ‘flash of lightening’.  I suppose this could be linked to it’s long shape. Apparently the glisten from the icing on éclairs is also supposed to represent lightening.  The things you read.  Interestingly, in some parts of America, éclairs are called ‘Long Johns’ (creativity plus), made with donut pastry and filled with vanilla pudding. Les Américains extrêmement mauvais.  And they are cheaper than French éclairs (hardly surprising). There will be no ‘Long Johns’ made in my kitchen on National Éclair Day.


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