I may have written off Tasmania too soon…

ImageIt’s never a nice thing to admit you are wrong, but today I was happy for this to happen. These two babies have proven that good éclairs do exist in my home state. Cue a happy dance (which will help with the  calories from this yumminess). 

These éclairs were a surprise find. Even though I was in a patisserie, there is never certainty that éclairs will be present.  I was on a mission of another sort. And there they were.  Filled with rich chocolate creme patissiere, I was momentarily transported back to France. All that was needed was the occasional waft of cigarette smoke to complete the illusion.  Ah, happy days. I was even able to share details of my recent éclair hunting expedition with pastry chef and chocolatier, Jean-Pascal.

To get a bite of France, head to Jean-Pascal Patisserie in New Town. 

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2 comments on “I may have written off Tasmania too soon…

  1. So happy for you Hayley, goes to show, the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side!!! and think of all the money you have saved in airfares by not having to travel to France for a good eclair !!


  2. hayleyboyd says:

    It’s a bit greener in France, but these will keep me going until my next visit!


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