Grand theft éclair

ImageGoodness me. Today I took receipt of a stolen éclair! Tutt tutt. When I say ‘stolen’, it was removed from a conference lunch, wrapped in a serviette and delivered to my desk. To protect the honorable reputation of the ‘thief’, I will not mention his name. Yet.

Even though it wasn’t as extreme as an actual shop theft, it still ended up where it shouldn’t have been. With me. Especially after my recent ‘Tour de France’  searching for éclairs. As I reported to the thief (let’s call him Tim), it was a lovely thought, but the best part of it was the serviette.  Oh I am home. Cream filled, soggy éclairs. I don’t blame Tim, he showed great bravery to lift it and smuggle it to me, and I am grateful to have people around to spot éclairs and steal them. Not that I encourage theft. At all. Ever!


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