The final countdown…and my ‘open plan’ éclair

ImageAfter mentioning earlier that I should pace myself, guess what I did? Went out on bought two éclairs! I only meant to get one…but temptation was too much. I have no self-control. 

Mix Noisette was a buttery, nutty, sweet concoction, with popping candy again featuring. I really do not think popping candy has any place on an éclair.  But maybe that’s just me. It was nice but I am not sure the gorging-like manner it was consumed in really did it justice.

One more to go before airport time…and doubt éclairs will be served in flight.


2 comments on “The final countdown…and my ‘open plan’ éclair

  1. Have a good flight home Hayley, can’t believe we’ve been home a week already, seems like we never even had a holiday.


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