Bonjour chocolat chaud!

ImageDeciding to have a rest from éclairs today,I got back to my original mission which was to find the best hot chocolate in France. I have had difficulty with this since they have been very hit and miss. Which has resulted in éclairs taking over. I am not complaining!

Today, even though I just wanted to sit in the sunshine and possibly get even more sunburnt (special hello at this point to those of you freezing in Tasmania!), I wandered to Saint-Germain-des-Pres to visit Les Deux Magots. Now, the café does not have the most appealing name –  ‘The Two Maggots’. Clearly it was not well considered as far as public appeal is concerned. But, ghastly name aside, and no maggots in sight, I ordered chocolat des Deux Magots a l’ancienne. 

This bitter but sweet (a very good balance of both) was sublime. As far as drinkability goes, I would put this ahead of Jacques Genin. Just. It was not as thick, but I was able to consume more before I felt like falling into a sugar coma.

I would give it two maggots out of two. Definitely.  


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