Another éclair gift – found slightly off course


Never let it be said that I will not travel to great lengths in my search for the perfect éclair! Yesterday saw me trek (OK, I took the TGV…) 200kms off course to the beautiful French city of Le Mans.

I had been told by my new friend, Benoit, who is crazier about chocolate than me, that the éclairs in Le Mans were quite something.  He was not wrong. The éclair I sampled was on par with my current leader (traditional category) from Beaune. Unfortunately I ate it before taking a  photo. Too busy being ‘in the moment’! It had fantastic filling and was very light, which is saying something since I had not long finished four mini desserts! To fit this éclair in was a super effort…

Merci Benoit pour le don d’éclairs et de me montrer la ville du mans!


2 comments on “Another éclair gift – found slightly off course

  1. OOOhhhh sounds like the competition is getting neck a neck !!! Is first place just around the bend?


  2. hayleyboyd says:

    My poor stomach. I don’t think it can handle more! Will see. I have less than 24 hours to beat Beaune/Le Mans or there may be joint winners!


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