Visitors. Great. Just what I need

ImageYou would be forgiven for thinking there was an éclair breeding program going on. Inadvertently, I stumbled across these three on my way back from lunch. OK. I wasn’t that inadvertent.  But I need to try all 10 in this shop so I can move on. It’s all about closure (talking about closure, my trousers are doing just fine – in fact all this searching is making them looser!). And I found a shortcut to L’éclair de Genie on the way back. Handy in case of an emergency (if the French President can have croissant emergencies, surely I can have one for éclairs).

I have a day off from éclairs and hot chocolate (which has been a let down) tomorrow.  Instead my focus turns to ze bubbles as I head to Reims to sample France’s finest.  Salut!

Hopefully these three visitors behave while I am away…


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