Jacques, Jacques, Jacques…


I am nestled in Jacques Genin for this live blog. Heralded as one of THE chocolatiers globally. However my research has given me the bum-steer on this one. There were supposed to be éclairs. There are not. Luckily there is chocolat chaud. And mille-feuille. I might just survive. The surroundings are very classy. My Converse sneakers for the first time feel out of their depth. They are hiding under the chair.

This had better be good.  A 40 minute walk with blisters was undertaken to get here. They are taking their time but apparently (according to already proven to be untrustworthy research), the mille-feuille is prepared when ordered to ensure flakiness. And it is France. Nothing happens quickly.

Oh it’s here. And it comes with a glass of water which makes me suspect thick chocolate! Oh, hello! We have a clear leader for best hot chocolate ever. It tastes thick and rich but it is not too much. It still makes you try to chew it, it is that good. And I have a whole pot of it all to myself 🙂

If a breeze comes through the door, my mille-feuille may blow away it is so light. Pastry like dust. Oh my goodness. I doubt I will ever eat a pastry like this again. Perfect does not even begin to cover it.

And the chocolat chaud? I want it in an IV drip! And two complimentary chocolates – are they waiting for me to burst? I may be stuck in this armchair all day. Dammit! So very la-di-dah…if this is heaven, I’m getting christened. Paris je t’aime.


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