10 kilometre stroll = more room for ‘research’

ImageEaster Sunday seemed like a good day to take a break from my search. The sun was shining, most patisseries were closed, so I thought I would seek out some culture and walk to the Petit Palais gallery. According to Google this return trip was just over 10kms. And I made cracking pace. I figure the faster I move, the harder I make a pickpockets job. I have also developed a very convincing ‘don’t mess with me look’. I walk past people while they are trying to take photos, I huff when people step in front of me. I think this makes me seem more local and less polite Australian.  

So back to the walk. Ended up with blisters, hot due to too many layers and the gallery was closed even though it’s website said it was open. But this exercise has no doubt burnt off calories…and that means I have room for hot chocolates and éclairs. And strolling along the Seine was beautiful.

Today, since yesterday was tiring, I am having a day in my apartment to plot my café and patisserie crawl for the week. Hot chocolates are set to be a bigger focus since they have not been strongly represented on this blog to date.

Stay tuned: I have big news coming next week…


2 comments on “10 kilometre stroll = more room for ‘research’

  1. Hehe am rapt by your blog and only wish I was also there to critique the patisseries! Can’t believe you walked 10km !!!!!! (Damn the French and their opening or should that be closing times!) More room for ‘plus d’éclairs’ now I guess 😉


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