An extra special find at Versailles

ImageVersailles is steeped in the opulent history of past times. It is probably the best example of greedy excess that I have seen, but breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. So it seemed fitting that one of the most heralded producers of hot chocolate should be nestled in the palace complex. Angelina. 

After asking our guide to get us back in the palace after we had exited, she was able make this happen and then helped find Angelina. What a lady!  Fellow traveller, Teresa, and I settled down and drank Angelina’s famous chocolat chaud through a straw. Yes, a straw. It was thick! Perhaps foolishly, I ordered an éclair as well (two birds, one stone – I need two stomach’s). The éclair was sublime and the hot chocolate was like no hot chocolate I have had before.  It was more like chocolate soup!

A happy time and worth giving up walking through the gardens for it! And I think Teresa now understands the obsession I have with éclairs and chocolat chaud…


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