Baby love, my baby love…


Oh, I felt all clucky yesterday.  As I was perusing the street market in Libourne, observing the sale of live chickens, who were clucky too, I happened across a patisserie (really starting to wonder if I have a radar). And you guessed it, they sold éclairs.

But these were like no éclairs I have seen before.  Some bright spark had made them in portion control sizes (I nearly heard my trousers ask why I hadn’t found these sooner!). Like ‘fun size’ Mars Bars. They were thumb size to be precise. Well maybe a fat thumb. But these were the cutest little things and absolutely spot on in flavour. I had café and the filling was soft and runny which forced me to just shove it all in my mouth.

Bite size are ideal. Then lots of flavours can be sampled AND I am sure your trousers would thank you for it!


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