Search leads me 1000 feet up in the Pyrénées

hot chocolate. very good

Off the beaten track. That’s where I found myself looking for hot chocolate. An overcast, bitter day added to the challenge with me showing great bravery (self-evaluation). I didn’t think this would be an easy search, but I did not expect to be travelling up into the Pyrénées mountains in an open train carriage with fog flowing past my face. But I was promised fantastic hot chocolate, so I pulled my scarf up a little higher and braved it.

After 40 minutes of shivering, I was not rewarded with spectacular views of France and Spain due to previously mentioned fog, but I was presented with possibly one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had. It was a REAL hot chocolate.  Thick and not too sweet made from melted chocolate. A little cup of joy. Apparently it was better with a nip of brandy, but I am a traditionalist. However, with a third of this chocolately goodness left, I tried the brandy. And ruined it. I could have cried.

It was worth nearly chattering my teeth out. Definitely.


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