A blessed éclair from Lourdes

ImageAfter emptying my perfectly good water from it’s bottle into a drain (anyone who has seen regional France’s public toilets would understand why I did not drink it and why I am dehydrating myself), only to refill it with holy water from Lourdes, I recommenced a pilgrimage of my own. Not expecting a miracle to be bestowed upon me so quickly, I stuffed my water bottle (as a gift for my great-aunt who is a nun) into my bag and forgot all about it. 

During lunch at a small café, by sheer coincidence we were seated near the dessert display – with éclairs.  Knowing we were on a tight time frame, I ordered my French onion soup and éclair at the same time (the French are very relaxed about service). I may have burnt my mouth on the soup to get to the éclair but it was worth it. New second place bumping Carcassonne to third. Very good choux pastry and ultra light. Now, I have had it pointed out that the Beaune éclair might have been unfairly assessed due to me tasting wine prior (thanks Toni!), so to be fair I should also declare that the Lourdes éclair was served by a very flirty waiter (not French) who was not hideous to look at and he may have offered his phone number.  But the judges decision (mine) is final and I shall be biased if I think appropriate.

God bless Lourdes!


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