Too much of a good thing


The life of an éclair and hot chocolate hunter seems to be feast or famine (and slightly messy). Today was a feast (and makes me feel nauseous thinking back). I said I would find éclairs and hot chocolate and today I did. Two éclairs and one chocolat chaud. Not at the same time, but I might as well have from the heavy feeling I now have in my stomach.  Anyway, enough about poor me!

Rather than overwhelm with all three, I will talk about the chocolat chaud since it has yet to make and appearance. Now, the good blogger that I am, I forgot to get the name of the brasserie, but, should you ever find yourselves in Biarritz, it is across from  Henriet chocolate shop and Maison Adam (macarons) – a top t-junction!

The chocolat chaud was smooth.  Rich, creamy and went down a treat. We were pushed for time otherwise I may have ordered a second. It looked very watery but was surprisingly thick in flavour. I am struggling to adequately describe it. It was dessert on it’s own. I could not have managed cake with it (however an éclair followed 30 mins later). I have half a coach on éclair alert now.  Very useful indeed.


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