Eclairs appear in the oddest places…

ImageA few people have asked me when I would be posting the next éclair picture. This is not a sprint people, it’s a marathon. I need to pace myself. I have spotted them at truck stops on the highway, but I have standards and I will not waste calories on bad éclairs.

While strolling through the ancient castle at Carcassonne yesterday, I was intently listening to the guide (ok, that’s a fib!). Like a vision from the heavens (I was near a church), an éclair appeared.  I quickly ditched the group and with an accomplice, headed to the shop. I sampled the chocolat éclair and my protégé tried café. She ate hers while I was still trying to sort my camera! Fast learner.

The verdict? Beaune is a hard act to follow so this éclair slips into position 2. The goopy chocolat filling, just like yummy cake mix, made it memorable, but the choux was not quite as light as Beaune.

The mission continues. 



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