I am moving to Beaune!

ImageMerci Beaune! You have saved your country from my critical tastebuds and have produced a pearler of an éclair. Très bon. This éclair was the best I have ever had. I was touring the beautiful village of Beaune, had just finished a wine tasting (may have supported the local economy there too – I like to do my bit!), and stumbled across a boulangerie. I was supposed to be using my last 15 minutes to buy lunch, but instead I bought this éclair. Best decision yet!

I am no food critique, but I know a good éclair. This was soft, sweet and so smooth. Vanillé not chocolat, but I was completely in love. No time for chocolat chaud on this stop, but in the interests of a balanced diet, I followed it with an equally beautiful quiche lorraine.

Beaune. Put it on your list.


3 comments on “I am moving to Beaune!

  1. ginandterror says:

    Happy that you have found the first of many good eclairs! Happy eating/travelling


  2. Tim short says:

    Good work Hayley. Croissant?


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