Off to a bumpy start

ImageSo, éclair hunting began in earnest this morning. Tracked down the place I had great éclairs last time I was in Paris and was very excited. But I think it must have changed hands. I was not good. At all. Non très bon.  This hand better not be a new trend. It was the sort of stodgy pastry that could roll around your mouth forever. Bland. The chocolat chaud? Well it made the éclair seem first class. I didn’t drink it all. It was that bad. It was not worth the space on my phone to take a pic. Allez France! Pull your finger out. I didn’t fly for 2 days with an hours sleep for stodge. I nearly prayed at Notre Dame during the Sunday service. That’s how despondent I felt.

Never fear. I am tough and will throw myself back into the task at hand. Tomorrow I hit the road and head east…on the scent of something good.

However, a major lesson today for me today was that the pedestrian lines on the road do not necessarily mean it’s free to cross…but I really do think the driver went OTT with the horn…

Au revoir


3 comments on “Off to a bumpy start

  1. Chris Boyd says:

    Hang in Hayley, you will sniff them out!!


  2. Loren Mathewson says:

    i laughed out loud at praying at the notre dame in desolation. i’m sure future trips to ladurée and angelina will prove fruitful 🙂 x


  3. hayleyboyd says:

    I visited Angelina at Versailles. Very good.


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