Today is the day…

ImageToday is a very exciting day – the adventure begins! But one thing you are probably all wondering is how I start both my day and this journey (‘journey’ now I sound like a Masterchef contestant). Well it important I fuel myself…a hot chocolate and a muffin (in lieu of an éclair) do the job nicely. 

The next 24 hours will also involve a lot of sitting. I am well practised at that! It is one of my favourite things to do (in the absence of a couch because I actually prefer laying on that. Miss you already couch :(. 

So you can all rest easy knowing I am well fueled and practised for the mission ahead. It’s pretty much like the olympics for me. Without the cheering and sweating!

Au revoir


One comment on “Today is the day…

  1. Sammy says:

    Those ‘chocolat chaud’ can only get better 😉


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