Failure to prepare is preparing to fail…


It is the final countdown before ma voyage. Before I hit the cobblestone paths in search of the holy grail – the perfect hot chocolate and éclair.  I am ready as I will ever be (but 1 day behind since I only read my itinerary properly yesterday, and found I had my days mixed up).  But before I zip up my suitcase, I wanted to reflect on my preparation so far and to also make sure I am equipped to undertake this mammoth task (important work that it is).

To start with I decided it would be useful to learn the French language. How hard could it be? Very, turned out to be the answer. But I was lucky. I had a very good teacher, Mademoiselle Samantha (pictured with me here), who has the patience of a saint.  Over the past 11 months or so (neither of us can recall how long she has been persevering with me!), Samantha has spent 1 hour a week with me teaching me French,  over a hot chocolate.  This has been a fantastic experience (c’était très bon) and while frustrating at times (does it really matter if something is masculine or féminine?), I am ready to try out my French on the natives. Merci Samantha mon ami!

With any scientific experiment, it is critical to make sure your recording equipment works, so today’s post is courtesy of my tablet. Testing, testing, une, deux, trois…and it all seems to work. Très bien.

Committed as I am, I have decided if France lets me down, I am willing to cross the border and enter Belgium to see if they are up to the challenge…

I wonder if I tell people I am a hot chocolate/éclair blogger, whether they will give me freebies? Must remember to try…”Je suis un blogueur pour chocolat chaud et éclair.  Gratuite?” (Note for Samantha: I only had to look up the word blogger!).

Au revoir


One comment on “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail…

  1. Julia Goff says:

    Your committment to the cause is impressive. Not many people would be willing to put so much effort into chocolate and dessert..or would they? Enjoy! Julia


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