It’s nearly time to begin the seach…

I set this blog up months ago and have not touched it since (too scared really!), but I did not want to start my blog before I set off for France where I shall start my mission to find the perfect hot chocolate, or chocolat chaud.

However, since starting this blog site all those months back, the scope of my mission has expanded slightly (which may see my waistline do the same). I have added éclairs to my ‘search for the best’ list. I figure these two go nicely together. Sitting in a French patisserie with my chocolat chaud while eyeing the rows of beautiful éclairs and trying to decide how many would seem a sensible amount to eat each day (which will go out the window as I am travelling alone and will have no one to judge me!).

I plan to sample as many as it takes – or as many as my wallet and stomach will allow – and report back on my findings. Yes, this will be very scientific. I think.

Au revoir


2 comments on “It’s nearly time to begin the seach…

  1. Salut mon amie! C’est rigolo deja et je vais m’amuser a le lire pendant tes vacances!
    Bonne chance dans ta recherche 😉


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